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Executive Director Council (EDC) Model

Establishing Performance Goals and Clinical Infrastructure with On-site Support

  1. The Cedar Group's new service helps companies to establish an Executive Director Council (EDC) Model. This model involves The Cedar Group's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Michael Cameron, Ph.D., BCBA-D, and Chief Financial Officer, Roger Iris, providing on-site support.
  2. The clinical arm of the Executive Director Council will
    1. Establish and Chair all Standing Committees (e.g., Grand Rounds Team, Clinical Audit Team, Research Team);
    2. Meet weekly or bi-weekly and mentor each director;
    3. Establish performance goals for each director;
    4. Document all clinical policies and procedures;
    5. Participate in the dynamic performance evaluations of each director;
    6. Meet weekly or bi-weekly with the Executive Director and function as his or her proxy when appropriate;
    7. Provide access to an intact Grand Rounds team, including our Director of Clinical Strategy and Innovation, Dr. Kristen Byra, Ph.D., BCBA-D;
    8. Provide access to The Cedar Group’s Chief Behavior Analyst, Sheida Shaibani, M.A., BCBA, for additional support;
    9. Conduct routine clinical due diligence reviews to render an agency highly attractive to investors.
    10. Develop an overall clinical infrastructure that will poise an agency for growth and industry recognition.
    11. Develop decision-models to ensure the uniformity of clinical decision-making throughout the company.
  3. Meet with each director, on a personal basis, to review the EDC model. And meet with the directors, as a group, to review the implementation of the EDC model.
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