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The Cedar Group includes experts from the areas of applied behavior analysis, psychology, clinical technology, organizational behavior management, ethics, and business. TCG’s Clinical Decision Support Models are shaping the future of our industry's standardization of everything from intake to outcomes. Our state-of-the-art models are interactive algorithmic decision support systems, with embedded current supporting literature.
Kristen Byra, Ph.D.,
 BCBA-D, LBA<br>
VP of Clinical Strategy <br>and Innovation
Kristen Byra, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA
VP of Clinical Strategy
and Innovation
Kristen Byra is a doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and licensed behavior analyst. In May 2007, she earned a master’s degree in Psychology from Western Michigan University with a specialization in autism and organizational behavior management. In May 2010, Dr. Byra was awarded her Ph.D. in Psychology, with a specialization in Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University. Her thesis and dissertation focused on evaluating prompting strategies for children with autism and related disorders while teaching matching to sample and receptive identification skills. Post-graduation, she specialized in providing center-based and home-based services for children with autism and related disorders. Since joining the Cedar Group in 2017, Dr. Byra has designed Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) and Clinical Intelligence Forms (CIF) for several large insurance companies and provider agencies. In addition, she has created CEU content for web-based learning for providers and in person presentations for funders. Her continued focus is on developing CDSSs and CIFs that allow both funders and providers to make informed, evidence-based decisions in regard to client care and services.
Amanda "Mandy" Ralston, M.Ed., BCBA<br>
Director of Clinical Intelligence<br>and Design
Amanda "Mandy" Ralston, M.Ed., BCBA
Director of Clinical Intelligence
and Design
Nathan Albright, MA, BCBA
Nathan Albright, MA, BCBA
Director of Clinical Operations
Amanda (“Mandy”) Ralston has been certified as a behavior analyst since 2001, first as a BCaBA, and then as a BCBA. During her career she has founded two companies that provided applied behavior analysis services to hundreds of families, schools, and individuals with autism or other developmental or intellectual disabilities. She has ushered dozens of aspirational behavior analysts into the field as a mycorrhizal influencer, in pursuit of greater impact of change for constituents. Mandy has served as a Subject Matter Expert to a number of international workgroups and panels related to Behavior Analysis, Ethics, and Practice. And is happy to engage in copious amounts of verbal behavior about verbal behavior, and all resulting relational frames. #autoclitics She now mad-happily creates decision models by synthesizing her own history of reinforcement and punishment with evidence-based practices and supporting literature in an effort to further support clinicians, funders, and policy makers in changing the world for the people that are changing the world for neurodiversity. An early disciple of Verbal Behavior, Ralston uses her considerable imitation repertoire and joint control to engage in behavior resulting in a wide variety of reinforcement. Her behavior continues to be shaped by its impact on a world where autism exists, and the field of behavior analysis.
Nathan Albright is a certified behavior analyst and has spent the majority of the past decade working with clinical operations and systems management. In 2012, he completed his Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and received his BCBA certificate. His thesis and early work focused on curriculum and training for police officers and first responders' ability to identify characteristics of Autism during 911 and dispatch calls, while subsequently building systems for school districts to collect and analyze data more efficiently. Since 2015, Nathan has served as a regional director in various capacities, overseeing clinical quality and care for over 50 separate ABA centers. Nathan moved to The Cedar Group in 2020 and continues to focus on operational/clinical quality of care through the creation of Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) and Clinical Intelligence Forms (CIF), with the purpose of expanding knowledge availability to the exponentially growing field of new BCBAs.

The Cedar Group Mission Statement

The Cedar Group <br>Core Values

The Cedar Group exists to create tools that will synergize technology and applied behavior analysis such that clinical decisions are made of the best possible data we have here and now, in real time where possible, and elevating our outcomes industry wide.