A Webinar with Miles G.Cunningham and Dr. Michael J. Cameron

CEUs: 2 CEUs in Ethic for Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Learning Objectives:
Following webinar participation, individuals will:

  1. Pinpoint behavioral scientists from the behavior analytic community that have contributed
    to the professional literature and have described the interface between behavior science and euroscience (e.g., J. Moore and J. Donahoe).
  2. Explain the implications for mirror neurons and how knowledge of mirror neurons can inform behavioral education practices (e.g., especially centered on preference assessment).
  3. Identify areas of the brain that are comprised of the brain reward circuitry (e.g., VTA area of the brain).
  4. Describe the impact of impairments of the brain reward circuitry and the implications for behavioral intervention (e.g., the difficulty with identifying stimuli that function as reinforcers).
  5. Report how behavior analysts can successfully work with the medical community when pharmacologic agents are prescribed for treatment or polypharmacological regimens are part of a clinical pathway.