A Webinar with Dr. Tony Beliz and Dr. Michael J. Cameron

CEUs: 2 CEUs in Ethics for Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Learn about the diverse application of applied behavior analysis. Within this webinar, our focal question is centered on the issue of mass shootings. The webinar will be co-hosted by Dr. Michael J. Cameron (BCBA-D) and Dr. Tony Beliz.

This webinar on mass shootings has been scheduled because behavior analytic minds want to know:

  1. Why does the United States have 5 times the number of mass shootings in the world compared to any other country?
  2. Why are men always the main suspects in mass shootings?
  3. Is there a response class hierarchy uniquely associated with mass shooters?
  4. What role does print media, broadcast media, the newspaper of record, television news, radio news, talk radio, the Internet, and the entertainment industry play in reinforcing violent behavior?
  5. How can the field of behavior analysis incorporate components of other psychological models of violence into a more comprehensive, contextually based behavior analytic approach to explain and address mass shootings in the United States?