Muse Courses and Webcasts

Special Topic Webcasts

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Synopsizo Series

The Cedar Group's Synopsizo Series is dedicated to summarizing the professional literature from the field of applied behavior analysis and providing reports and recommendations derived from science-based research. The Cedar Group assembles summary information on specific themes (e.g., parent training) each month and reviews the information within a webcast. Clinicians acquire information regarding:
  • Evidence-based and research-based practices
  • Information regarding the application of evidence-based and research-based practices, and
  • Step-by-step information for the effective application of practices 



Earbud Courses

The Cedar Group's Earbud Courses are designed for busy individuals interested in professional development and lifelong learning.

Our unique use of crowdsourcing is employed to identify topic areas that are interesting, contemporary and highly relevant to Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Licensed Psychologists, and Licensed Social Workers. Once a topic is identified, a team of instructional design experts creates a course that integrates the professional literature, authentic case studies, and engaging audio and visual graphics to optimize each learner’s educational experience.

The end result of our unique “course crafting” process is an informative instructional format that can be conveniently accessed via a set of earbuds, an iPad, a tablet or computer.

Earbud Course subscribers earn continuing education units (CEU) for completion of each course. From topic selection to course creation, The Cedar Group integrates input from a vast network of professionals. The outcome is a peerless educational experience and the acquisition of the requisite skills, knowledge, and abilities that render you the consummate professional.